20-28 Pavilion Road

Pavilion Road is the planned regeneration of a 1970s Brutalist car park in the heart of Knightsbridge. The brief was to create high-end extra care residential apartments and associated health care facilities.

The proposed scheme intends to create a strong example of contemporary architecture, which will lift the status of this island site and create a subtle landmark building in what is currently an unremarkable urban setting. The new development offers the opportunity to establish a significant enhancement of the public realm and access to key medical facilities to the local elderly population. The objective is to open up the site by creating a courtyard that links visually to Basil Street and is a physical extension of the Stackhouse and Rysbrack Streets, whilst preserving the character and charm associated with the bordering Hans Town Conservation Area.

A central courtyard, which is accessible to all tenants, in addition to a new public realm, contribute to the sense of community promoting sociable interaction.

The concept of the façade was determined by a contemporary interpretation of the Queen Anne typology of the immediate context and as the building will be viewed predominantly from an angle, the design makes reference to a typical Queen Anne terrace viewed down a relatively narrow street. Material references are made from the renowned terracotta facade of Harrods and the soft red bricks of Hans Town, aiming to create its own contemporary interpretation that is both sensitive and confident to its immediate surroundings.