Apex House

Apex House in Wembley, London is the tallest modular building in Europe at 29 stories of self-supporting modules. Constructed using the Vision Modular Structures modules In record time for the student intake of September 2017, the building was begun and completed in a twelve month period.

The modules are made from steel frames and a concrete floor and fully finished internally when delivered. They are connected to each other and to the slip-formed concrete core after being craned into position.

The building creates an ‘L’ shape of two flanking wings creating a street frontage to Albion Way and Fulton Road and linking in with the neighbouring buildings. The corner forms a landmark tower, and contains the single lift and stair core serving the building.

The building creates a variety of room types and shapes suitable for different students including wheelchair units, and a variety of shared social spaces including a café and a ground level courtyard to allow for relaxation, social interaction and group study.

The façade is finished with terracotta tiling with aluminium cladding infill panels for the flanking wings and polished Glass-Reinforced Concrete with aluminium cladding infill panels for the tower. The colours of the wings blend in with the neighbouring buildings, and the tower is a dramatic white that accentuates its verticality. Housing 558 student rooms, the building is already a local landmark signposting the corner of Fulton Road and Empire Way.