Aylesbury Estate Regeneration, SE17

The redevelopment of south London’s vast Aylesbury Estate proposes to regenerate this declining estate utilising a public realm-led masterplan that creates a structure of high value streets and squares inspired by London’s Great Estates. Aiming to remove the physical and psychological barriers that signal the edge of the estate, the proposed street network continues the subtle deflections and offsets that characterise the surrounding area to provide a new street pattern that will slow vehicle traffic and appeal to pedestrians and cyclists.

Community Spines and Green Links will promote walk- ability and access to public transport, designed as low speed environments where pedestrians and cyclists are prioritised. Three new squares and 13 parks form the focal points of the distinctive neighbourhoods that make up the masterplan, located within easy access of all residents – delivering planting, play and amenity provision to reflect the community’s varied needs.

In addition to green and brown roofs, permeable paving, and tree planting geocellular soil vault attenuation, the scheme incorporates bio-retention raingardens that will form a distinctive part of the street and character of Aylesbury. The tree planting strategy seeks to create an urban forest character, retaining existing trees and introducing a large number of new trees to soften the built form, provide seasonal character, and ensure that every property will look out onto a tree.