Bunhill Court

Bunhill Row is a model of high quality city living which completes the street frontage on Bunhill Row and Featherstone Street. The scheme replaces a disused single storey school and reinstates the urban form of the neighbourhood, whilst respecting and enhancing the historic Bunhill Fields burial ground. The 4 and 5 storey building with front doors on the street, creates active frontages and encloses a private landscaped courtyard space to the rear. A stunning triple height top-lit entrance leads to upper floor apartments. Each maisonette and flat has private amenity, overlooking Bunhill Fields or westwards over the city. The balconies have a distinctive pattern derived from the mature plane trees which characterise Bunhill Fields. The new development at Bunhill Court creates a beautiful enclosed courtyard adjacent to the Grade 1 registered cemetery, Bunhill Fields and tranquil space for residents within the busy urban context of Old Street. The courtyard has been designed as a woodland garden, complementing the leafy character of the cemetery’s mature trees. The central wooded area is framed by an oak pergola along its eastern side with a pavilion providing a focal point for residents at the end of the garden. Sleeper paths meander through the trees leading to benches set beneath the pergola. These paths create three distinct areas – gently undulating lawn, habitat and play. Formal herbaceous planting beds run the length of the boundary with Bunhill Fields offsetting the historic brick walls.