Cane Hill

The Cane Hill site begins adjacent to Coulsdon Town Centre and extends south, encompassing the remnants of the former hospital buildings complex. The site measures approximately 82 hectares in total with a total of 650 new homes proposed. The site is partially within the green belt and characterised by a ridge that rises to the south of the Town Centre. The ridge has numerous trees, while its flanks to the east, south and west are largely open. This significant opportunity was won in competition as an opportunity to extend and enhance Coulsdon town centre providing a beautiful, scenic and sustainable place to live. The proposals celebrate the natural and historic character of the site and improve access to the surrounding green belt of the area for the community to create an exemplar development for the 21st century. The site features a number of complex constraints with an extensive stakeholder group including both the Croydon and the GLA. It offers a diverse range of development opportunities from commercial offers adjacent to the town centre through to large detached homes around a new village green at the top of Cane Hill.