Cane Hill Park

Cane Hill Park celebrates the natural and historic character of its Greenbelt site by creating a network of new parks and improving access to countryside for the community. The new neighbourhood is well located with Coulsdon South station a short walk and offering access to central London in half an hour. Coulsdon Town Centre sits immediately to the north of the new neighbourhood and is an attractive high street that is being supported by the arrival of new residents. Two retained hospital buildings, a chapel and water tower are at the heart of defining the place, providing focal points that reference the sites heritage, aiding navigation and echoing the sites historic radial composition in a village green at the crown of Cane Hill. Of the 79 hectare site HTA was appointed to develop 33.6 hectares, with a range of new home typologies for use across London being developed in collaboration with Barratts national technical team. From these ‘chassis’ variants where produced to respond to unique site conditions and opportunities - corner frontages, crescents, varied roof forms, bay windows and balconies carefully located to capture key vistas. Starting from the centre the phasing is designed to connect simultaneously the top and bottom of the site with a new ‘Ridgeway Park’ which retains a woodland belt running along the ridge of Cane Hill and links Coulsdon High Street into the new village green.

This approach evolved through the use of a full three dimensional model where each homes relationship with existing trees and the complex site contours could be carefully refined.

Cane Hill Park explores how new neighbourhoods can integrate with their context, create a diverse range of homes that share a common basis and embrace the opportunities of a mature landscape with rich heritage.