Crossrail Paddington Station – Eastbourne Terrace and Departures Road Urban Realm, W2

Paddington Station enjoys excellent public transport connectivity, and a unique heritage with the Grade I listed building station interiors and environs. However, located beneath a low canopy, the taxi pick-up point at Departures Road suffered from noise and lighting issues, an experience compounded by its confined and narrow pavement, making it feel difficult to negotiate and unsafe to pedestrians. The introduction of Crossrail at Paddington has enabled this area to be readdressed.

The urban realm design will take advantage of the relocation of the taxi facility to the opposite side of the station, seeking to transform this area into a world-class arrival space. A series of zones along the new urban realm will reflect the scale and direction of the street. These zones will be created in natural stone, extending outwards from the station – creating threshold, movement and anchoring spaces.

An extended glazed canopy, providing weather protection to the station entrances, hopes to encourage pedestrians around Paddington to visit Departures Road shopping and leisure outlets. Eastbourne

Terrace, another Crossrail worksite, is now partially reopened, with a much lighter and open environment, with enhanced access to Departures Road and the station itself, and much improved legibility. When fully completed, Eastbourne Terrace will be dramatically improved with a lift and three wide staircases.