Elephant Square – Elephant and Castle Public Space Project, SE1

In spring 2015, the highway at the northern roundabout of the Elephant and Castle will begin

to undergo changes, including the removal of the roundabout by closing the southern side and converting the traffic to two-way operation. The subways will be replaced with pedestrian crossings and a number of new cycle lanes – as part of the Mayor’s Cycling Vision – will be introduced around

the junction to improve cycle safety. These changes present a significant opportunity to create a new public space at the heart of the Elephant. The idea behind the transformation of the northern roundabout is simple: to turn the highway-dominated environment which people can only really pass through, into a place where people want to meet, stay and spend time.

This project recognises the different values and qualities embodied in the area’s historic local landmarks and the plans for the new Elephant Square aims to draw these structures together with emerging new developments to create a new London square for the 21st century. Five new peninsula spaces are characterised through a combination of modest new structures, trees and plants that create an intermediate scale between that of the pedestrian and the high development that defines the square.