40 Leadenhall

Planning permission for the building was granted in April 2014 for the building. An exemplar of environmentally progressive design, the building will reduce carbon emissions by over 40% compared to current regulations and lead the next generation of city centre office buildings.

The building will run south from Leadenhall Street through to Fenchurch Street, giving the 910,000 sq ft NIA, 7-34 storey-high scheme frontages to two prime insurance addresses, as well as Billiter Street. The taller element of the scheme fronts Leadenhall Street, adding to the core cluster, and the smaller southern element relating more to Fenchurch Street.

It include lobbies fronting Leadenhall and Fenchurch Street, linking through to a main central lobby at the base of a central atrium that is envisaged as a ‘brokers’ lounge’, where traders can meet. Retail and food uses are incorporated on the northern, western and southern elevations. A large variety of floor plates will have broad appeal. Completion of this outstanding building is anticipated for 2019.