Vauxhall Sky Gardens, SW8

The site lies on the corner of Wandsworth Road and Wyvil Road within the Vauxhall Cross Area. The site occupies 0.186 ha of previously developed land with frontages directly on to Wyvil Road and Wandsworth Road. Immediately to the west of the site is Wandsworth Road and adjoining this is a large Sainsbury’s supermarket.

The tower will be 130 m tall with 239 residential units and approximately 10,000 sq m of office, retail and associated spaces. It is unique for its 2,500 sq m of communal ‘sky-gardens’, each being triple height and on a full floor plate. Shared by their surrounding apartments they expand opportunities and choice for social interaction allowing for the creation of micro-communities within such large and otherwise inherently anonymous blocks. Landscaping allows for smaller intimate ‘park-bench’ areas, larger break-out spaces for ‘social passing trade’ and for 9 months of the year enough area to grow a weekly salad box for every household.

The residential units are predominantly private with 40% given over to controlled affordable rented and shared equity residents.