Walkers Court

his mixed-use scheme for Soho Estates envisages the complete regeneration of Walker’s Court - creating a new theatre, restaurants, deli, shops, nightclubs and office headquarters - to transform what is currently one of Soho’s seediest alleyways.

Designed in collaboration with SODA. (with whom we share our studio) this 50,000 sq ft project is designed around a new 150 seat theatre on the site of the once famous Boulevard Theatre - which gave ‘The Comic Strip’ its first home. The project also includes a new headquarters for Soho Estates above the old Raymond Revuebar (now ‘The Box’ nightclub), where the company has its origins.

Importantly the proposals include the restoration of the historic ‘Raymond Revuebar’ neon sign - which will be returned to prominence as a global icon for Soho.

The design aspires to be both an enduring and entertaining response to a complex brief on a confined site - which celebrates the relationship between viewer and viewed, so central to any theatrical experience.

Theatregoers will provide their own performance to the wider public as they arrive at the auditorium via a brass stair secreted off Walker’s Court. This in turn leads to a double height glazed foyer providing views both into and out of Walker’s Court. Unusually, the stage itself is backed with a full-width window on to the street below – allowing daylight in during the day – and extraordinary staging opportunities at night…