Wimbledon Tennis 2020 Masterplan, Church Road, SW1

The Wimbledon 2020 Master Plan is founded on the ambition to maintain Wimbledon's position as the premier tennis tournament in the world and on grass.

One of the plan's primary objectives is to create more space for players, spectators, and the myriad of other stakeholders whom are so important to the running of The Championships.

The highest-profile part of the Master Plan is the building of a new fixed and retractable roof over No.1 Court, which is currently at the design stage. The intention is that the new roof will be complete in time for The Championships in 2019, and will include extended seating and improved hospitality and broadcast facilities.

The Master Plan also includes the building of three new Championship courts to the north of No.1 Court, moving Court 12 to increase space between the banks of courts in the southern part of the grounds, and anew indoor and clay court tennis centre in Somerset road.